Server - PC - Mobile Devices - Pheriphery


Hardware sales always represents a major challenge to an IT system integrator. Everything can fail at any time or have a defects. We are able to supply you with replacement parts of the brand of your choice and offer you a rapid service to remedy any failures. We maintain stock of all the hardware components so that they are immediately available and any defective parts can be replaced immediately.

Personal Computer

For the desktop PC we use power supplies from Enermax, motherboards from Asus, Kingston memory, Intel processors, hard drives and SSD from Western Digital, drives from LG, in a simple and practical case. We even build and deliver mini PCs.



Our high-quality servers are built with motherboards from Intel and Supermicro.


The peripherals are all those devices located around the computer such as the scanner, video camera, printer etc. For example, we mainly have printers made by Kyocera and OKI.


Purchase of Used PCs

Do you still have an old personal computer? Then you can determine the value of your used hardware on the following page.


Preisermittlung alter PC Hardware