IT Service


The operability of IT systems has been given a high priority in almost all companies. The impact on shortcomings in the field of IT can be seen not only in the business process but can also have significant negative impact on a company's success.

One result is the outsourcing of IT tasks due to increasing demands. Although companies tend to have their own IT department on grounds of responsiveness, availability and trust, also decides the high cost for outsourcing.

The IT services provider will agree, in conjunction with the client, to a detailed report about the quality and funcionality of the service.

We propose a detailed analysis of the existing infrastructure to agree on a level that meets your requirements -> service-level agreement. You will benefit from a high quality service that pays off in the long term.

In cooperation with us you will get the guarantee for a functioning and well-maintained IT environment with economic implementation.

We administer your client / server environment and ensure that the IT infrastructure remains functional.

Our services include:

Service from Bittens Datentechnik


Troubleshooting and problem solving



Concept Development



Strategies to solutions



Personal Development



Process Monitoring



Creation of Checklists



Security Concepts



Product Purchase / Review



Communications Solutions



For regular use, we offer a maintenance contract in which you can benefit through improved conditions and a fast response time.



Attention! Offer for new customers:

New customers receive a discount of 30% off the regular hourly rate for one year.